A Market in Evolution

The real estate journey used to be long, complex and bureaucratic in the traditional and analog market. Information and transactions would be processed by means of real estate agencies and agents, who were exclusively in charge of the brokerage process between property owners and tenants, and sellers and buyers.

The evolution of technology and the emergence of proptechs changed this reality and placed the process in the hands of consumers. The new real estate journey now provides customers with access and autonomy in an agile, easy and simple way – all just one click away.

This new scenario has affected the role and relevance of traditional real estate agencies and agents. As a result, real estate information and offers became commodities. In other words, on the consumers’ viewpoint, real estate negotiations are now more about who will offer the lowest brokerage fee rather than about quality, possibilities and advantages. After all, companies would offer the same limited and rigid services.

This posed a big challenge for traditional real estate market players. At Nexpe, we see this transformation as an opportunity.

Strong and digital Nexpe for a new market

In parallel with these changes, over the past years, Nexpe has acquired expertise, expanded its business and built a more solid relationship with partners. We achieved a leading position and became relevant to our ecosystem. But more than that, we moved forward alongside the industry and stood out by investing in technology with the purpose of designing solutions that can revolutionize the real estate brokerage market.

More than offering services representing commodities, we believe that the future of real estate is not just about providing access and facilitating transactions. This is not enough. For us, the future of real estate brokerage is about customer experience and trust. And it’s not a regular experience, but a better, unique and tailored experience that is adequate to meet every customers’ need and when they need it.

If the need of each customer is different, their experience can’t be same. If customer experience varies, why not have a platform with multiple proposals tailored to various needs and audiences?

Also, we believe that to build a trust-based relationship, we need to provide resources and share knowledge to meet the needs of others. We provide a unique customer experience based on trust and the phygital approach, combining the best of the two worlds – the endless possibilities of the digital world with the closeness and one-on-one attention that only the physical approach could provide.

And keeping this approach in perspective, we became Brazil’s first digital real estate curation platform – because we know that an experienced partner equipped with the best technologies and resources make a difference at the time of choosing the right property.

The future of the real estate market has already begun. We don’t know the potential it will unleash or the possibilities it will open up, but we are sure Nexpe will be part of them.

Last update: April 1, 2022